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Home » Holey Plugs, Batman! But… what are they for? technology connections

Holey Plugs, Batman! But… what are they for? technology connections

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Holey Plugs, Batman! But... what are they for?

Holey Plugs, Batman! But… what are they for?

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Holey Plugs, Batman! But… what are they for?
technology connections
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49 thoughts on “Holey Plugs, Batman! But… what are they for? technology connections”

  1. I’ve been watching your videos on my other account for a while, and after finishing the one on the color brown I decided this channel is worth a subscription from my main account! 😊🐕🐕🐾🐾

  2. One thought about these holes is that a person could insert a tiny lock through one of the holes to ensure that the device cannot be plugged in. Why would you do that? Not sure. Maybe to keep a child from plugging something in that you want left unplugged.

    Yeah. Like no one does that.

    Anyway, great video. Good information.

  3. The other thing weird about US plugs, is that the wall sockets don't have an on/off switch. They are just live all the time. And don't get me started on why in the US light switches are on in the up position and off in the down position. And why 120v? It's 240v elsewhere. It's almost as if the US wants to be opposite land.

  4. Yes In old homes here in Canada it's likely the recepticals have warn out an some may get loose. It's very important to have these checked every 10 years if used frequently.

  5. I'm from germany, my father is a Meister (I think you don't have that part) electrician, pretty sure he wouldn't survive watching this video to the end. Your plugs wiggle when inserted… that alone… he is crazy about "there are only 2 states for electric devices IN AND OUT" and the design would make his head explode anyway. And shitting on 240V? Those are fighting words.

    But I liked the video a lot, thank you. 🙂

  6. After watching the full video and after reading 1000 comments, still no explanation why the holes are there…..
    Well in that case i will create my own explanation,,,,
    Maybe the holes are there because the metals are produced where on each side of the metal are two holes so that if you assemble those metals
    You can place them how you want. So placing it one side or the other side will not matter cause on both side you have those two holes.
    Makes assemble it easier.
    And corresponds with the MANUFACTURER DESIGN.

  7. To the credit to the US outlet design, we have some outlets in our home that work fine and hold tight despite being in there since the house(200+ y/o) first got electricity. Naturally some have been replaced but they seem to be isolated to the kitchen and TV room since that’s where things are most often connected and disconnected

  8. Here's the answers I could think of in no particular order:
    1. It allows a lock or some other safety mechanism (lockout tags) to be passed through so the plug can't be plugged in.
    2. Inside the outlet are innerspring leaves or ball bearings that keep the plug secured.
    3. it does save a not insignificant amount of material that can be recycled.
    4. If you're stupid but need to, you can fish and attach wires through those holes.

  9. I have had problems of overheating more than loose fitting which I never encounter with euro or British plugs not sure if this is because the higher resistance of 120v of the plug designs though

  10. Coming from the UK I am shocked how crappy these US plugs and sockets are. Look up UK plugs. Gated for safety,(literally can't poke anything in the live or neutral without something in the earth pin socket) built in fuse, live and neutral only the front half is conductive so safer if it's half hanging out the wall. All round a far far better product.

  11. Great video. BUT:
    At 8:24 – why are there screws in two differnt colores in one socked? Are they colore coded?
    This is a question from across the ocean of course.
    But the BUT does not reduce the greatness of the video.

    (regardless how large the butt might be)

  12. No, your video is NOT silly. People who think it's silly ARE silly. However, IF your video WERE (or, is it WAS) silly, it would only be so because you failed to compare the North American HOLEE plugs with European and Australian and Asian ones, and did not show us if THOSE also have holes, and if not WHY.

  13. I also thought it could be kind of a fuller or something too. Like it's not a lot of metal but those small punches over the course of a million prongs could be a lot of savings

  14. What you said about the receptacles in hotels is true, I experienced that as well. Coming from another country (The Netherlands) where we have different types of plugs, the receptacles in American hotels don't grab on to the plugs as well as ours do.ones in American hotels don't grab on to the plugs as well as ours do. Especially the plugs directly connected to a power supply, which make it heavy, just fall out of the receptacles, making me quite angry towards American quality.

  15. I recently purchased an extension cord made by Monster with a feature that the female end has a button which locks whatever cord is plugged into it utilizing the holes you must push the button to remove the plug.

  16. I've seen a few plugs, that are made of folded-over metal, they had a hole on the outside side, but since it was folded over, it only went half way through..

    I will note the holes are very useful when having to connect things via bare wires.

  17. I've been in the US for only a few weeks and in those few weeks I've had plenty of plugs fall out of the wall in various locations, not just crappy hotel charging ports. This has never happened to me anywhere else.

  18. 95% of the outlets in my apartment don’t hold a plug. Good luck getting them to replace any of them though. They don’t replace anything unless there’s a court order to do so. It took them a week to convince them to give me a new tub faucet. The washing machine, porch light, holes in the floor, fridge, and so many other things need to be replaced. Heck, even Cox wouldn’t replace shit until I filed a BBB complaint, and got my neighbors to complain as well. Apparently the main system connecting the building to the street and the wiring in the units hadn’t been replaced since the 70s or 80s.

  19. The prongs are usually not solid metal, but fold over and stamped flat. I always guessed that punching the holes was part of the process that stamped the two layers of metal into one firm piece.
    And the holes generate a lot of savings in scrap metal. $$

  20. Great video. You might be interested to know that I've seen extension cords with manual locks that use the holes to retain the attached plug. I used to have one but had to get rid of it recently. You can find them yourself at any of the big-box hardware stores.

  21. The holes cause two little thin sputs that work like fuses and blow off the ends of the plug, in case there is a dead short so it doesn't weld it in if that circuit is the one that you screwed a penny behind the fuse, real-life experience

  22. They also have lock out locks that use those holes to attach a lock onto the contacts so if your working on a piece of machinery someone can’t plug in the cord while your working on it.

  23. I do have a use for the holes when l can’t afford a receptacle l just run a bare wire through the holes give it a twist and wella l have power to my lamp or whatever l need it’s very diverse! You just gotta use your head in this day and age!🤷🏻‍♂️

  24. I always package up AC adapters by making a coil with the wire, setting the coil between the prongs, then twist tying it through them

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